£20.00 - On Sale

Fear Me! Music is proud as hell to present….


The Asylum 2 - Birmingham Sat 6th Oct.

We are very very happy to finally announce, after nearly 5 months of planning / email / phonically / begging…..

The frankly incredible SERPENT VENOM (London) are coming back to Birmingham to headline a simply astonishing proper ALL DAY event.

Other amazing artistes on the bill will be, main supporting act DEAD WITCHES (Bournemouth), with IRON VOID (Wakefield), 1968 (Cheshire), MAGE (Leicester), ELDER DRUID (Ireland), GROAN (London), OAK (London), FLEX BISON (Birmingham), VOID LURKER (Birmingham).

What an amazing and diverse but complimentary bill!! This is a heap of ace shows tightly squeezed together to give you physically as much as possible in one day…..

Every single band is of high calibre, and very very cool. Some we have hosted before - and we know you dig them and will be chuffed to see again.

Alongside a big fat hairy riff infested day - you will also get from us the usual Fear Me! treatment…. As much info on the day / compere / hot food (Vegetarian only) / merch market / free shots here and there, a VERY VERY COOL numbered event shirt / limited numbered art prints for the event / fun / like minded friends all together, and anything else we can think of to make your day special. This is not a gig… THIS IS AN EVENT FOR YOU!!
Asylum bar, proper beer at proper prices!! Not ‘other venue’ pints of piss at twice the price.

We are opening doors at 12pm, and finish time will be midnight.
Advance tickets: We know this is going to be a hard hitter, and tickets will fly out - so, WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO MISS OUT ON THIS!! So for the first time ever, we are going to operate an instalment option on tickets. We appreciate folks may be a bit tight over the festival period… So we are more than happy to take a deposit of £5 on a ticket, and then take instalments (You will be allocated a ticket number) This is fee free of course. We are here to help you and keep our scene strong and honest.

Otherwise, Advance tickets are available direct from us NOW, you can PM us, or simply paypal us friends and family at Tickets are £20 each, please add £1 postage (thats for any quantity). Our Big Cartel will be updated as soon as possible (We will keep you updated).

There is a lot of info to share, and we will do our best to update you great folks where ever possible.

So, lightning bill…. A very very strong event - don’t miss out on this, it is going to slay!!!

You want riffs? You got riffs!