IRON VOID 'DOOMSDAY' DBL Black Vinyl LP set (Aaaggghhh 011)

Image of IRON VOID 'DOOMSDAY' DBL Black Vinyl LP set (Aaaggghhh 011)


Fear Me! Music is very proud to announce the official release and sale of the mighty IRON VOID - 'Doomsday' black vinyl double LP set.

'Doomsday' is the second album released by one of the U.K.'s finest doom metal bands.

'Doomsday' was released in 2015 by Doomantia Recs (on CD only) to much critical acclaim by the music press. Doom fans all over love this album...

Having released the debut I.V. album on vinyl for the band - due to our relationship and how happy I.V. were with us and it's release - here we are. The band were very keen for us to go once more.

'DOOMSDAY' will be released in a limited run of x240 double LP sets. There will be x90 hardcore collectors sets of which will be on double coloured vinyl (one green / splat vinyl, one purple splay vinyl), and there will be x150 evil doomtastic black vinyl double LP sets.

Each dbl LP set is hand numbered on the reverse, numbers from 091/240 to 240/240.

The LP set comes housed in a beautiful full colour gatefold sleeve, and each LP is housed in a poly lined, black inner sleeve.

It is a fantastic LP set, a pure must for all doomheads and record collectors.

Please see below rates for postage. We will do hand to hand / collection at our shows.

LPs will be very well packaged, and mailed in proper LP packaging, stiff/sturdy/robust - and clearly marked Fragile / Handle With Care.

Aus/NZ/Singapore: £14.00
USA/Canada/Mexico/Japan/Brazil/India: £12.00
Everywhere Else (EU): £8.00
UK: £4.50